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Lila Land Presents


selected musicians from the entire nation, both Underground & internationally recognised.

hoop♦pole♦fire spinning♦tribal fusion dance♦live painting♦festival makeup+more

Persephone was the daughter of Demeter - Goddess of Harvest, Fertility, Sacred Law and the Cycle of Life and Death -
and Zeuss - God of the Sky, Ruler, Protector and Father of all Gods.
The story goes that Seph was wandering in a valley through fields of wild flowers with her sisters and mother when Hades - King of the Dead and the Underworld - appeared from an abyss. . He was begotten by her soft, glowing nature, and decided to take her as his wife, snatching her away and descending into the Kingdom of the Underworld.
While she was trapped below, everything above the entire Earth began to wither, and famine began to spread, resulting in untold misery.
Demeter longed for her sweet, beloved daughter and swore to let the world decay before she gave up on getting her Persephone back.
The cries of the people who were suffering reached Olympus and the Divine ears of Zeus. Zeus could not let this happen so he was forced to let Demeter reclaim Seph, but not before she had succumbed to the food of the Underworld. Seph refused to receive any of Hades gifts and offerings up until her rescue, however just before her mother appeared, she was convinced to eat - just 6 pomegranate seeds - though just 6 seeds were enough,
to bind her to her new Kingdom..
A deal was made that Persephone would spend 6 months above Earth, with her mother in her former role - a Goddess of Nature, harvest, seeds of the fruit of the fields, pastel skies -and the remaining 6 months, leaving her mother to join her Husband Hades - as Queen of the Underworld, cthonic, void, Ruler of the Dead.
Even though at first Persephone resented Hades for taking her against her will from her loving family,
Just like the night garden Hades sewed for his wife grew, so did her fondness for him,
and just as she was capture by the irregular beauty of the pitchblack flowers that bloomed, she gained appreciation for the beauty in the shadow realm and from that,
Love also bloomed in the gardens of the Underworld.
This tale is a representation of not just the changing seasons upon the Earth, but the relationship between Light and Dark, yin and yang, and finding the beauty in the shadows.

Descend With Us into the Queendom of Darkness, Where we come to express our full spectrum, explore the Yin, and greet our shadows.. blanketed within Frequency and Sound.
Let us celebrate the transit from the warmer months to the darker, colder part of the year.
Expect a night of dazzling delights & decor in a dope location - both in&outdoors
offering wearable, edible& drinkable treats to purchase, and performances:
hoop♦pole♦fire spinning♦tribal fusion dance♦live painting♦festival makeup+more
12+ hours of Drum&Bass, Dub and Techno with a strictly even selection of male and female artists 😉
$40 gate sales, tickets through Cosmic ❤
**This event promotes sustainable partying, eco ethics and particularly consent. Peace, love, unity and respect. Leave the bad juju in the trashcan.**

Fri 07 May 2021 to Sat 08 May 2021

04:00pm Till 12:00pm

TBA, TBA, Buller District