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We're back!! The official nationwide gathering of the fire and flow tribes of Aotearoa!

We are thrilled to be coming back to beautiful Hawarden, bringing together artists and performers from all across the country to learn, connect with friendly people, and wield flames together.

We provide heaps of practice and performance equipment, a plethora of workshops, hecaliters of pegasol (fire spinning fuel), beautiful music, delicious food, and a whole community of wonderfully talented humans. If you have never spun fire before - we will teach you! Safely!


This will be a SOBER festival, there will be children and babies around, families, etc.We also ask that you NOT bring GLASS; jars or water bottles. If you are found to be intoxicated, drinking, etc - you will be asked to leave. We are beyond serious about this. There are other festivals and parties that you can imbibe at, but this is not one of them.


Safety is something that we take very seriously. At all times there will be a Site Manager on duty with clearly identifiable Hi-Vis. If you are ever feeling unsafe, for whatever reason, these are the people to talk to. We will also have qualified on site security to keep the peace.

Fire Safety:

We will have a Fire Safety Briefing at 6pm every night in the hall, right as dinner starts.

Do not wear synthetic fabrics. Do not wear dangly clothing. Please tie long hair up. Shake off your props please (for the sake of the lovely grass/friends). Please check your props BEFORE the festival: redo/trim scraggly wicks, check your bolts/quicklinks/screws. We will always have at least 1 person on duty at the fire safety couch - feel free to keep them company. No fire breathing. Do not bring your own fuel - absolutely no kerosene or any other kind of fuel.

Consent Culture:

Consent is critical! Flowtopia is dedicated to providing safe and supportive spaces. In keeping with the evolution of our society it is important that we talk about what consent means. In general terms: never touch anyone in ANY way without their EXPLICIT consent. For example - if you want to hug someone, check in with them first. Breaching consent will not be tolerated. As mentioned above, if someone has breached your consent, or you have witnessed something suspicious - get in touch with the Site Manager or security team.


Applications are open! They close on the 8th of September.

Kitchen & Gate Volunteers:




Workshop Leaders:


Market Stalls:


Rideshare Group;


If you have seats going from Christchurch, pop them up here for our friends flying in from out of town


Updates to come.


Earlybird tickets will be $120 and close on 1st of August. This is a non-profit, charitable event, run by volunteers, for the community, and any profit goes into next year's event, and our rural outreach programs.

Standard tickets will be $140, and gate tickets will be the same. If you get gate tickets we cannot guarantee you will be fed! So lock it in early please. Youth tickets are $50 - for those between 13 and 18, and under 13s enter for free.


Bring general camping stuff, we have heaps of camping space. It can get quite cold, and pretty dark - so bring warm things and torches, solar lights etc. Wet weather gear, just in case. Sunscreen and parasols can be crucial too, depending on weather.

Nationwide Connection:

We will be bringing together lovely humans from the following regions:











(message us if your area is missing).

Festival Guide coming soon.

Thu 11 Nov 2021 to Sun 14 Nov 2021

12:00pm Till 11:55pm

Hawarden Domain, 8 Horsley Down Rd, Canterbury

All Ages