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The RiverDog Crew Presents

Clif-face Zone DJ, and VJ sets, massive sounds, and imagery  

Den Zone 24hrs, DJs, VJs, LED screens, lasers, max- amplification  

Zen Zone has our best house DJs and psychedelic art space

Illuminated art installations, with SILO from Queens Town

Refund of ticket price should the event be canceled due to Covid -19 restrictions.

The Taniwha's Den 2023 is number 10 after missing the 2022 year..

Gates open at 12 noon on the 4th of February 2023

Finish at 12 noon on the 6th of February 

Parking is included in the ticket price

Parking opens at 11 am Saturday the 4th of February 

There will be a courier service for all your gear from the parking area. But it is only a 500-meter walk to the campsite zone.

Free Hot & Cold showers x 10 will be in the camp zone, and free drinking water will be available throughout the site.

Buses, campervans, and caravans. Parking and camping so you can camp with your mates camping in tents is a VIP service we are offering for 2023. You will be able to make your request via our website taniwhasden.nz and book your space, a service fee will be charged for this. 

Dress-up clothing and face painting tent for 2023. There will be a big selection of dress-ups organized by our volunteer team. The gold coin hire charge will be going to a woman's refuge charity.

All our food vendors will be on-site when the gates open at 12 noon on Saturday.

There will be a lot of announcements about what we have planned as we count down to TD 2023. There will be a lot more Illuminated art installations, information and promos about our mind-bending creative VJ's, and links to promote our selection of the 50 DJ's that will play at the TD2023. We continue to support and select DJs and artist from Aotearoa, and they continue to support the Taniwha's Den preforming mind blowing sets and spreading the Aroha. The sound systems for each zone have stepped up each year, and with a lot of new tech in 2023 will double down on quality amplification for your aural pleasure.

KNOW YOUR STUFF, will be with us again, we love these people they keep us safe.

Please remember to represent the spirit of our Taniwha.

NO MEANS NO. this goes for us all gathering in this very special place. Respect your mates and their choices. Look after each other, we the crew are not here to babysit you. But above all have a fcking great time.

NO DOGS, you will see the resident Kuri born on the Whenua, most of you have met them. But if you bring a dog you will be denied entry.

NO GLASS, it was great to see everyone making an effort to bring cans or had decanted into plastic for the 2021 event. We will be a lot more observant in 2023,  so please no glass.

There will be free drinking water stations on-site to help with hydration, bring hot sunny day protection and warm clothing for the cooler Hinakura nights.   

NO OPEN FIRES OR BARBECUES, just when we would all like to have one. Sorry, it's a total FIRE BAN in Hinakura during February. But we will have all our food vendors here on time and electric sockets for kettles and a cuppa available in the camp zone.

We reserve the right to refuse entry or to ask you to leave the Taniwha's Den. This has hardly ever happened which makes the party that much more fun for us all.

Please note we are required by law and our resource consent to abide by any government covid mandate restrictions that could apply to events next year. We will advise ticket holders if this should happen.

Come with a smile, and enter the Taniwha zone of happiness. 

Sat 04 Feb 2023 to Mon 06 Feb 2023

12:00pm Till 12:00pm

172 Moeraki Rd Hinakura, 172 Moeraki Rd, Martinborough