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Heavenly Creatures Productions in association with XXY Creative Network and Rollercoaster Design presents

With the musical talents of Felix Murcielago & Not Lauren. MC'd by Monty Montgomery and featuring performance art by Janet Wang, The Prince & Yeehaw Jelly + work by various artists of other mediums.

Stimulate Chapter One will be a delightful experience for anyone lucky to get their hands on a ticket. Step into a chaotic wonderland designed to immerse you completely in many different art forms with a strong focus on performance art. We're celebrating how talented some of us kiwi's are, particularly some up and coming artists who deserve some spotlight. Stimulate will be a show X a party X an exhibition and it'll surely be a night not to be missed!

Sat 03 Sep 2022

06:30pm Till 08:30pm

The Ever Room, Karangahape Rd, Grafton, Auckland