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Punk Rock Road Trips & Minovation Present

with Rogernomix, Dead Vicious and Black Lick

September 2012 welcomes the arrival of a defining name of 1980s British Punk Rock: SUBHUMANS. This will be the band’s first-ever-Australasian tour and features the 1981 line-up of Dick, Trotsky, Bruce and Phil that recorded their debut EP “Demolition War” in 1981 and classic albums such as ‘The Day The Country Died’ and were an integral part of the UK anarcho-punk scene.

Since reforming in 1998, SUBHUMANS have released a live album for the infamous Fat Wreck Chords, a new set of studio tracks, ‘Internal Riot’ on the band’s own Bluurg label, as well playing to packed venues throughout the world including headlining festivals such as Rebellion.

“”Frontman Dick Lucas is totally engaging. There is a fierce intelligence here in his lyrics, his delivery and his between song banter where his passion for the old school punk political hits home. They play fast and there is a wild, feral energy to what they do. They have this punk rock thing so honed down, so perfect – the fluidity of the rhythm section, mind boggling brilliant bass lines from Phil to let yourself go to and Trotsky’s stop start drums that never settle for a boring 4/4 when something more exciting will do are so effective. Bruce’s rasping punk rock guitar completes the perfect backdrop for Dick’s passionate delivery – he works himself up into a sweatshod frenzy as the band hit the stage in top gear and never leave that level of intensity. If you still need any proof of the intelligence and anti establishment smarts in punk rock then the Subhumans are still out there, still meaning something and still making sense in a senseless world.”

– John Robb, louderthanwar.com

Fri 21 Sep 12

09:00pm Till Late

None Wellington