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grew up on a self-prescribed musical diet made up of equal parts guitar-based compositions from bands such as Rage Against The Machine and down tempo efforts from labels like Mo’ Wax. Matt Gresham a.k.a Logistics, younger brother of Dan Nu:Tone, railed against the music his brother would listen to and finally acquired a taste for Drum + Bass through the Full Cycle “Music Box” LP. “That
LP was like down tempo tunes with double time beats!” he explained, “I’d always been into stuff like Mo’ Wax and that album, particularly ’11.55′ by Roni Size & DJ Die had the same vibe that I could relate to.”

Having a brother already signed up to Hospital didn’t qualify Matt for an ‘automatic in’ and it wasn’t until he sent “Replay” down to the office, swiftly followed by Fabio and Grooverider picking up on the tune, that he got his chance to work on his own album project. Having just left college this was a great opportunity for Logistics and he made the very best of it, working solidly on creating masterpieces in the form of “Together”, “Spacejam”, ”The Trip” and “Release The Pressure” (the only previously released tune on the album) and bridging the gap between liquid funk, which, until then had often been a lacklustre sub-genre and a more exciting, dance floor orientated variety of Drum + Bass. It’s Logistics’ influence that has been picked up by the major DJs in the scene such as Andy C and Friction, and his anthemic creations have contributed greatly to the modern Hospital sound.

The LP itself “Now More Than Ever“ (released in the autumn of 2006) was a hugely ambitious project, restraining no less than
twenty four speaker-busting tunes beneath its calm exterior. In 2007 Logistics also submitted his “Medical History”. Eighteen months on, having scooped “Best Album” at the 1xtra Bass awards for his debut album, Logistics dropped his second long player “Reality Checkpoint“. Rammed full of genre-bending goodness it was heralded as a glimpse of the future with dubstep and electronica influences fusing together with the anthemic Logistics sound. 2008 saw the Luke Skywalker of the ”Future Sound Of Cambridge” drop the massive track “Cosmonaut” and feature on several awesome collabs with Commix and brother Nu:Tone, keeping sub basses across the land pounding for the rest of the year. Having been locked away deep in the Degobah system making tracks, 2009 was time for Logistics to unleash the full power of the force with the onomatopeic “Crash Bang Wallop“, smacking dancefloors and stereos hard.

2011 saw Logistics busying himself in the studio, with his track “Closer” featuring on the “Fifteen Years Of Hospital Records”
album towards the end of the year and providing a taster of what’s to come next. Lo and behold, Logistics is ready to dish up more musical mayhem in 2012 in the form of a brand new album project, "Fear Not". “We Are One” – the lead single from the album - was released in March, swiftly followed up by the full album “Fear Not” which is out now on Hospital Records. Arguably more
cohesive and ambitious than his previous efforts, the album covers a variety of tempos and styles, but is still 100% Logistics to the core. Sit back and enjoy the ride!



One of the most prolific MC's to come out of Drum and Bass in the last ten years, Tali's ability to freestyle and sing soulful, positive and intelligent vocals over the mix, has seen her stay top of her game. She has won numerous awards, released two new albums in the last year ("Dark Days, High Nights" - Audioporn Records) and toured the world extensively as both an MC and live act.

Originally from a Dairy Farm in Taranaki, New Zealand, Tali moved to the UK ten years to follow her dreams of becoming a top international MC. After signing to the legendary Full Cycle Label owned and run by Roni Size, Tali went onto to release the first ever MC album 'Lyric on my Lip' with a UK top 40 single and worldwide tour.

From here she collaborated with some of the scene's most prolific names in both production and DJ/MC shows, working alongside people such as Goldie, Fabio and Grooverider, Shy FX, Benga, Dodge and Fuski, SkisM, Shapeshifter, Dirtyphonics, Calibre, Ed Rush, The EZ Rollers, The Freestylers, HIgh Contrast, DJ Marky.. the list goes on. Tali has hosted shows from intimate club venues to Festival stages with thousands in attendance, and last year saw the release of her Sophomore album 'Dark Days, High Nights' in two parts, one an electronic version and the other a live acoustic recording produced by the legendary Ant Miles.

Now based back in New Zealand, and currently working on a new album, Tali is unique in her ability to both free style and sing, write and compose, teach and mentor, and is therefore one of the most credible and dynamic artists currently touring Australasia to date.

Thu 12 Jul 12 to Fri 13 Jul 12

09:00pm Till 03:00am

None Christchurch