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Cosmic's 18th Birthday Celebration

Doprah // Kamandi // Yvnalesca // Othersun
& Guests

It's Cosmic's 18th birthday, come celebrate with us!

A Fantastic Trip to Utpoia will be an out-of-this-world, atmospheric night - with cutting edge lighting, visuals & sounds to compliment an exceptional lineup.

Cosmic's event organisers have worked hard to reduce ticket prices - to make the show more accessible, and will feature cutting edge lighting and sound at both the Christchurch and Wellington events.

"We want it to be a special time for friends to get out and spend time together, so we have curated some serious up and coming international level talent and yet we want to create an intimate vibe where you can just 'let go' and have a memorable experience" says Tim Hewitt, Cosmic's Marketing Director.

Looking for the Wellington event?

Also featuring:
Bodega Bar - Wellington
Chelsea Jade, Race Banyon, The Shocking & Stunning, Skymning & guests

Sat 14 Mar 2015 to Sun 15 Mar 2015

08:00pm Till Late