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Wagawaga ~ Azrin ~ Freedom Loop ~ Zim Bardy ~ Bloop ~ Subconscious ~ Loom ~ Screaming Turtle ~ Obay ~ Tansy ~ Relapsed ~ Shiny FX ~ Silicon Beat ~ Shin Dig ~ Lean up ~ Matty Koowl ~ Pino ~ Luccid ~ Soy Trance ~ Bomb Dylan ~ Blue Frog ~ Dawnbeaver ~ The Wisdom of Shankara ~ Earegular ~ Cris Hathaway ~ Stature ~ Mphonic ~ Relapsed ~ Lady Kerbs ~ Night Owl ~ Midwaan ~ Tookie ~ Professor Oak ~ System.Bypass ~ Screaming Turtle ~ Matty Koowl ~ The Settlers ~ The Box Of O ~ The Bigger picture ~ Overstand ~ Mic sure ~ Los phoenix ~ Haystakah ~ Horizon
And Plenty more!


Twisted Frequency is a unique Kiwi outdoor festival, showcasing a broad range of music, art, performers and knowledge in a friendly, positive environment.

Make the most of your new year amongst like minded people at this truly diverse festival.

This year we have fused the two major stages in an effort to create a more refined festival experience, a culmination of styles and formats.

We have a new location once again, this time Riverside in the lush bush of the Cobb Valley next to the beautiful Takaka River.

To ensure an intimate adventure we have limited tickets and are not offering gate sales. Get in quick to secure your spot!


Four days of non-stop music spanning across a variety of genres.

A huge sound system to immerse you in the classic outdoor electronic festival experience with international and kiwi producers and dj's showcasing: drum n bass, dub step, glitch hop, and jungle plus all sorts of juicy bass as well as techno, house, and trance in every flavour.

The live line up will be a blend of Bands, solo artists and crews from across NZ.

Expect hip-hop, dub, funk, reggae, psychedelic rock and plenty more!

Keep an eye on the event page and the website for more lineup announcements.

This year we are shaking it up a bit with daily afternoon live comedy sessions, with crack up characters from all over NZ.


Twisted Frequency aims to indulge every sense with a team of artists creating sculptures and installations spread across the site, live graffiti art developing throughout the event as well as visual artists bringing the night to life.


Circus performers, fire spinners and heaps of other talented folk are enlisted to bring daily tutorials and spectacular nightly displays.

Keen to get involved? We are a collective of outdoor festival crews and all sorts of others from across New Zealand, we are always open to anyone who feels they might have something to contribute.

If you would like to be involved in any way send us a message:

General inquiries: contact@twistedfrequency.co.nz  

By attending the festival you are subject to the terms and conditions of entry: http://www.twistedfrequency.co.nz/conditions

Join in and celebrate the new year with a fresh, rewarding and exciting event. 

Aid in the growth of creative arts in NZ and across the world.


Wed 30 Dec 15 to Sat 02 Jan 16

12:00pm Till Late

None Nelson

All Ages