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Resonance Karamea Educational Trust Presents

Resonance Karamea is a inter-generational friendly event with dedicated spaces for all members of the family to enjoy.

Resonance Karamea is a three day outdoor gathering situated on the banks of the Oparara Estuary. From the outset festivals in Karamea have been grounded in the natural environment, celebrating our community's diversity and an emphasis on the creation of a space of meaningful expression... a moment out of time to share, laugh, dance, learn, create, explore, inspire, love and heal. Over the last eight years our journey has lead us to here, a gathering of creative souls with a focus on co-creating a space that both inspires and celebrates while resonating with the 'heart song' that flows through all.


Live Acts - Inki | Bob Hillary and the Massive Mellow | Saritah | Soul Kitchen | Tillerman | Mad Hallelujah Tribe | My Baby | OptimistMind Music | Vojla | Indigo Rising | Dayelle and The SubStance | Emerald | Ari and The Eternal Caravan | Erin | Laura Sonnerveldt | Local Band Jamming| Scattered Ashes | Evolving Rhythms

Electronic Acts - Terra 9 | Criss Hathaway | The Nomad (The Gathering Days Revisited) | Wednesday Experiment Soundsystem | Dayelle | Kayboku | Galanjah | Mojo | Nightowl/Ruru | Lectro Spectral Daze | Georgia of the Jungle | TRUTH | RaSponsible | C-Dubs | Alion | Oran Mor | DVS | Soundboy Tom | Amethyst | Flow In | Devious | Diwata

Workshops and Performances will be announced soon!

Thu 09 Feb 17 to Sun 12 Feb 17

03:00pm Till 11:45pm


All Ages