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Luminaire Entertainment Presents

It's been a year since the zombies took over Christchurch City. Now they are spreading everywhere, turning more and more humans into Zombies. But there's hope! There's a rumour that some humans have created a safe sanctuary in the forest, and have left clues for other humans to find.

Will you be one of the lucky ones to make it to the sanctuary? Or will you be fodder for the zombies?

Find out for yourself at the 2017 Christchurch City Zombie Run!

You can join either the humans or the zombies.

Humans: You will be required to go to various points around the forest, collecting 'supplies' (stamps) along the way. So bring your smartphone/GPS, as you will be given the GPS coordinates for each checkpoint.

You will be given 2 brightly coloured bands, which must be kept visible at all times, and a stamp card.

If you are tagged by a zombie, then you must give them one of your bands. You are now a zombie too.

Zombies: You will be hunting the humans.

You will be given 1 brightly coloured band, which must be kept visible at all times.

You must tag as many humans as possible to collect their bands and turn them into zombies.

The initial number of zombies will be limited to roughly 10% of the human population.

Vehicles, including bicycles, are not allowed. Weapons of any sort (including paintball and airsoft guns) are also banned.

Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the first human to make it to the last checkpoint with all their supplies, and to the zombie who collects the most bands, which must be brought back to the start point at the conclusion of the game (roughly 4pm).

Postponed if the weather is too wet.

Sat 01 Apr 17

12:00pm Till 05:00pm

None Christchurch