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The mountains have been still. The forest standing silent. Even the rivers have settled to an anticipating whisper. Listening for a sign. Waiting to hear the stomping of feet. The laughter of whanau. and that deep rumble that announces their arrival home. Their wait is over. The call has been sent. Twisted Frequency is back for its fourth year running. And it is beckoning you. Will you accept the call?

This event is held within the beautiful Cobb valley of Golden Bay. Surrounded by gorgeous natural wonders and close to many beaches, forests, rivers and scenic attractions. Twisted Frequency Festival has become a staple within the South Island outdoor festival scene and is New Zealand’s fastest growing festival of its type. With a strong focus on underground, experimental & eclectic electronica blended with a balanced mix of live music, performers and so much more.

TWISTED FREQUENCY FESTIVAL has something for everyone spread thickly out over 4 outdoor stages.


We aim to take the listeners on a complete journey from the beginning of the festival to its end and strive to create a unique musical experience for all. Opening up new appreciations and ways of thinking & letting collaborations form and grow inspired by flow and diversity within the community.

Bringing one of the biggest and broadest line ups of international and local producers, DJs and live acts to Te Waipounamu and combining that with a true kiwi artistic aesthetic promoting natural design and graff culture. All nestled within natural surrounds it is not surprising to see how Twisted Frequency Festival has grown over the years. With that said we are nearing our expected capacity and in an effort to keep this event intimate in nature we are limiting the available tickets for this year’s instalment. Huge festivals are great but something which makes our culture so awesome is the smaller numbers which means we all can get the most out of our time away, connect with everyone as well as better preserve the lands and waters for the years to come.

Twisted Frequency Festival boasts 2 main Musical stages. The ‘Huriawa’ and the all new ‘Beatbach’ each with its own direction and style.

This year we are excited to announce the addition of the 'Groove Lounge' Featuring: Multitudes of talented musicians sharing their sound, Open mic freestyle hip hop sessions, Poetry and spoken word performers and an opportunity for anyone to bring their instrument or their voice into the mix during the daily open jams.  As well as the new Techno, House and Minimal zone the 'House Haus' Brought to you by the tech9 collective.

Work-shops this year are planned to curate a daily focus on subjects such as sustainable living, perma-culture and achieving positive change. Learning from the past and planning for the future where speakers will discuss the rapidly changing reality of technology and how it will effect  us in the years to come as well as look back on lessons and ideas we have been gifted by our ancestors. Creative skill sharing. Learn a craft or hone your knowledge of electronic and live music production, and much more.

Comedy at Twisted Frequency was a new and welcome addition to the last event and this year we plan on going bigger and better with another stellar line up of stand up comedians organised by the crack up cats at Grandpa figs.

Relax and unwind at the Hedonest, another new addition to this years Twisted Frequency Festival. Enjoy ambient, downtempo, chill and all sorts of weird and wonderful experimental music. Accompanied by a myriad of weird, wonderful and informative videos & pieces of cinema.

The Marketplace will provide a delicious array of local food, produce and various interesting wares from gifted artists and craftspeople.

Expect a treat for all the senses. Over the years, we have brought a variety of visual artists into the mix and this year will be no exception. Expect a range of interesting sculpture, art, festival decor, live graffiti, visual performance, projections and laser shows.

The Twisted Frequency Festival collective have always had a strong focus on high quality audio and strive to provide the ultimate audio visual outdoor experience. Since our inception we have been teamed up with the good people at Immersion audio to bring one of the finest and best tuned outdoor sound systems in New Zealand up from Canterbury and into the forests of Golden Bay. This Year we are also collaborating with Infinite Audio & Sacral Sounds. Together 3 powerhouses of outdoor music.

There are two main camping areas at Twisted Frequency Festival. Attendees are welcome to camp where they like and can camp with their vehicles. (weather and space permitting) The site is easy to travel around and while we encourage those willing to bring their bicycles it is not necessary to get around the site as the camping area, zones and amenities are all easily walked to. There are no pass outs for this year’s festival so it is important to be prepared for your stay. Please check out our website for advice on what to bring and pack accordingly.

Protect Papatuanuku (The Earth Mother)

Onsite there is access to a beautiful river which is suitable for swimming and great for fossicking. It is important for people bathing in the river and living on the land to be mindful of any products they may be using and to not introduce any potentially toxic materials. New Zealand has a very delicate ecosystem and is facing the perils of introduced plants and algae’s. Please take care not to expose the river to any swimming gear or other items that have been exposed to other bodies of fresh water (without being properly washed.)  Conserve our unique flora and fauna: Please do not remove any living creatures or plants from the river or native bush. Both the Kirirua (Long fin eel) and the Koura (Freshwater Crayfish) are endangered and protected, if you see them let them be.

Twisted Frequency Festival would like to see a stronger focus in our community develop surrounding the use of alcohol and our impact on the environment. Twisted Frequency continues to be an alcohol-free event and glass is not permitted on site. We implore our guests to try minimise the amount of rubbish they bring to the festival as well as to be conscious of what effect they are having on the environment both physically and energetically. Please be aware that you are expected to pack out what you pack in. Rubbish and recycling bags are made available upon entry.

A principle we have always held is to help people learn to live and love this beautiful planet, this year we will hear from a multitude of speakers in our workshop space on topics such as conservation, permaculture, eco activism and many other paths of thought to promote sustainability and move forward into a greener world for future generations.

Work-shops this year are planned to curate a daily focus on various subjects. Learning from the past and planning for the future. Speakers will discuss the rapidly changing reality of technology and how it will effect  us in the years to come as well as look back on lessons and ideas we have been gifted by our ancestors. Various creative skill sharing workshops and music production seminars.

Respect the Iwi (People)
Twisted frequency festival is an open and accepting environment for all walks of life. All those attending the event are required to show respect to all those around them. We have a zero tolerance for violence or harassment of any kind and will remove anyone who is found to be in breach of this simple code of conduct. If you see someone in duress alert the festival security. The safety and health of our extended family is of utmost importance so be aware of the personal space and happiness of others. Be conscious of consent in all aspects and If you see anyone negatively affecting another attendee please make us aware. Twisted Frequency Festival is proud to support the "Psy Care" space which is staffed by a wonderful team of kind hearted individuals. If you feel uneasy or need a quiet space with someone you can talk to you will find their zone an inviting space. An onsite medical team will be present should you have any health concerns or injuries.

Please remember to take extra care on the roads when traveling to and from the event. Traffic can be heavy over the holiday period and the roads here in New Zealand maybe smaller and windier than your used to so take it easy and enjoy the scenery. If you do not have transport sorted or you wish to share the journey with others you can join the Carpooling page on Facebook and link up with like minded travellers.

We all love your “doggo's, woofers and puppers” but please make suitable arrangements for while you plan to be away. Dogs are not permitted on site. Anybody who brings their dog will not be allowed into the festival so save us all some drama and be sure to plan ahead.

Water is available on site but it is important that you bring your own drinking water for the duration of the festival.

We strive to be an inclusive festival and want to hear your feedback. We love when people want to get involved. There are many roles to fill and each year we develop an ever-expanding crew of individuals who all bring something new to the table. In whatever capacity, you want to get involved, we want to hear from you. Be it DJ's, producers or other performers/musicians, artists, vendors or volunteers don’t hesitate to send us an email or message via our Facebook page. The Twisted Frequency crew has made strong connections between many amazing people from different backgrounds and endeavours to continue on this path of growth and community creating a stronger bond between like minded creatives & festival crews from across greater New Zealand and the globe.

Able8 - Uncomfortable Beats - AUS

Andrzej Garbacz - Landspeed Records - AUS

Antix - Iboga Records - NZ

Arcturians - Grimm Records - BRAZIL

Average Rap Band - Young Gifted & Broke - NZ

Bass to Pain Converter - Egothermia Records - AUS

Bloop - Triple Drop Productions - NZ

Breger - Zenon/ Soupherb/ Copy Cow Records - INDIA

B-Syde - AUS

Caffeinated Collective - NZ

Complement - Zenon Records - CHILE

DJ Ego - AUS

Dean Benson - Wildwood - AUS

Deepnotic - Claroscuro Records - CHILE

Dub Princess - UK

Duffrey - Shanti Planti - USA

Earegular - Addictech - UK

Eartheogen - Zenon Records - NZ

Emerald - AUS

Filthy Tomo - Open Records - NZ

Fiord - Open Records - NZ

Gao - Digital Yonkis - CHILE

Grouch - Zenon Records - NZ

Grouch in Dub - Shanti Planti - NZ

Grunberg - Zenon Records - AUS

Hippiecrite - NZ

Hurtdeer - Wonkay/ Mothers Against Noise - UK

Hypnotoad - NZ

Insomniac - NZ

Jaggers x LInes - NZ

Jinz Moss - NZ

Kodama Zoku - Flight Path Collective - NZ

Lobe - Shanti Planti - AUS

Loom - Froth Mouth Recordings - NZ

Mantravine - SINGAPORE

Maxi Basshead - Smashbang Records - AUS

Mindbuffer - Enig'matik Records - AUS

Misko - Insonitus Records - CHILE

Monkey Paws - The Rebel Collective

Mr Squatch - NZ

Mras Nitzi - Awesome Sauce - Bulgaria

Nanosphere - Shanti Planti - UK

Naomi Kharma - Off World - NZ

Nuyarao - Uroboros Records - PERU

OJae - Universal Tribe - AUS

Orpheyo Dragon - Wildwood - AUS

Out of Sorts - Beat & Path - NZ

Paige Julia - Totally Roasted - NZ

Person Will - NZ

Rollercoaster - Uroborous Records - CHILE

Scroggin - Flight Path Collective - NZ

Sensient - Zenon Records - AUS

Shamanic Technology - Addictech - UK

Shin Dig - NZ

Simiantics - Peak Records - UK

Smooth Bob - Flight Path Collective - Israel

Spoonhead - Weapon Records - AUS

Subconscious - Shanti Planti - NZ

Sub-Minimal - NZ

Tabula Rasa - Whomp - AUS

Tansy - NZ

Tom Cosm - Ableton  - NZ

Tribone - Shanti Planti - ISRAEL

Uglyside - NZ

U-Wish - Uncomfortable Beats - AUS

Ultrasloth - Shanty Planti - USA

Victor Y - Open Records - AUS

Willy Styles - NZ

Xsetra - Transmission Audio AUS

Zimbardy - Kaleidoscopic Earth - TRIBUTE

Check out the upcoming set times for the full line up release of all 4 stages.

Sat 30 Dec 17 to Wed 03 Jan 18

12:00pm Till 04:30pm

None Upper Takaka

R18/All Ages