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NO Productions Theatre

NO Productions Theatre presents two nights of radio!

This is the NTC Light Programme. Tonight, the brand new comedy A Sorcerer’s Appendix is performed in front of a live studio audience… you! See the faces that launched a thousand words – some of them scripted; wonder at the sound effects – how does an axolotl squeak, a forest wind and a dungeon damp? Sigh as you hear the actors’ mellifluous tones; gasp at the evil plot and cry at the wicked wordplay! 

Set in a mythic world of kings and sorcerers, where Monty Python meets Shakespeare meets the Goons, and they all regret it in the morning. Prepare for mayhem, mishaps and mischief aplenty!

Written and directed by David Allen, produced by Nataliya Oryshchuk, and performed by a glorious set of local theatre- and mischief-makers including Michael Adams, Julian Anderson, Joanna Prendergast, David Allen and others.

Two nights only!

Thu 07 Sep 17

07:30pm Till 09:00pm

None Christchurch

All Ages