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11th November ...The Foundry Bar ..Canterbury University...Doors Open 630pm  First Fight 730pm

VIP Contact Lynn Ph 027 4195506

R18/Supervised ..All under 18 yrs must be accompanied by Gaurdian or Parent

ISKA Sanctioned Muay Thai  Kickboxing Extravaganza.  We Have fighters from Auckland Nelson Timaru Dunedin Queenstown and of course Christchurch...

North Island versus South Island

Mens Muay Thai Kickboxing Tag Team . Battle Royal

ISKA Womens South Island Welterweight Oriental  (K1) Rules Title

ISKA Womens South Island Lightweight Full Thai Rules Title. 

ISKA Mens South Island Super Middleweight Oriental (K1) Rules Title

1 3x2min rounds Mens 65kg K1 Kickboxing Rules

Cody Sione  CFC/Sth Island Lee Gar Chc vs  Dylan Henry Centre City Martial Arts Dunedin

2 3x2min rounds Mens 61kg Modified Thai Rules

Dylan Dickson  Fight Science Queenstown vs T P Carroll EFC/Cage Fight Academy. Christchurch.

3  3x2min rounds Womens 57kg K1 Kickboxing Rules Shin Pads

Fenanada Gasperoni  SMAC Gym Auckland  vs         Andrea Vesela  Proactive Riccarton Chc

4  3x2min rounds  Mens 94kg K1 Kickboxing Rules Shin Pads

Kieran Cullimore  CFC/South Island Lee Gar     vs         Duncan Roberts Proactive Templeton CHC

5 3x2min rounds Womens 54kg K1 Kickboxing Rules

Gemma Walker SMAC Gym Auckland      vs                Tammi Stoddart Proactive Riccarton Chc

6 3x2min rounds Womens 55kg Modified Thai Rules

Pratiksha Ramji CFC/Sth Island Lee Gar Chc vs  Kirsty Brownlie   Centre City Martial Arts Dunedin

7 3x2min rounds Womens 59kg K1 Kickboxing rules

Erana Tuscher Fight Science Queenstown vs Anne Wilson Hammerhead MMA Gym Dunedin

8 3x2min rounds Mens 62kg Full Thai Rules

Mike Beavington CFC/Sth Island Lee Gar Chc vs Kayne Young ETK Northshore Auckland.

9 3x2min rounds Mens 72kg  Modified Thai Rules

Dion Hodgetts  CFC/Universal Vale Tudor     vs

John Pyers Maui Tu Moana Muay Thai Nelson.

10 3x4min rounds Mens 62kg K1 Kickboxing Rules Tag Team battle

Dominic Reed CFC /Sth Island Lee Gar                                   Yoshiaki  Matsuda Queenstown Muay  Thai  vs

David Sanchai Aung  CKB City Kickboxing Auckland             Eden Phillips CKB City Kickboxing Auckland

11 5x2min rounds ISKA Womens South island Lightweight 60kg Full Thai Rules  Title.

Fiona Sim Queenstown Muay Thai Queenstown      vs Kaitlyn Tucker Lucky 9 Gym Timaru

12 5x2min rounds ISKA Womens South Island Welterweight 66.8kg Oriental (k1) Kickboxing Rules

Champion Michaela  Jenkins CFC/Sth Island Lee Gar Chc vs Challenger Bex Tait  Hammer Head MMA Gym Dunedin

13 5x2min rounds ISKA Mens South Island Supermiddleweight 78.1kg Oriental (K1) Kickboxing Rules Title.

Alex Zhao Christchurch Martial Arts Chc vs                                 Richie French  EFC/ Cage Fight Academy. Chc.

* Matches May Change due to Pull Outs and injuries

Sat 11 Nov 17

06:30pm Till 11:45pm

None Christchurch

R18/All Ages