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Nocturness Presents

Featuring performances by:

• Ena 

• Snow Spirit  
• Lady De Vil 
• Yuri Guii 

• Ellie May Marshall 

• Nocturness

DJs and Bands:

• Lauren Kate
• DJ Forge aka Marilyn Shanson

• Dravacan 

Stalls by:

• Metal Temple Jewellery 
• Tempest FX 

• Liezel Beerman 
• Snow Sprit 
• Coby Zutt

We have such sights to show you…


The second installment dedicated to the exploration in the further regions of experience.

Suspension, fire, fetish, ritual, nudity, tease, magic, contortion, drag, aerials, music.

Note: this is not a back to back show. Entertainment will run through till approximately 1:30am.


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Are you ready?

Something wicked this way comes...

• Ena – Sexy Fire Siren. Director of Metal Temple Jewelry.

• Snow Spirit - best known for her ritualistic flesh suspension. Look out for her staple booth.
• Lady De Vil - Aerials. Needles. Alt babe.
• Yuri Guii - She’s eccentric, comedic and electric on the stage, she will blow you and your mind. 

• DizzE Doll - NZ’s circus sweetheart by day and tattooed twisted sister by night.

• Nocturness - Mistress of the Strange, dark and depraved, confusing and captivating.

DJs and Bands:

• Lauren Kate - Making sex in your ear with her playlist pleasures.
• DJ Forge aka Marilyn Shanson- Guru of all things musical and MC extraordinaire.

• Dravacan (band) – face melting, teeth shattering, soul twisting metalers.

Stalls by:

• Metal Temple Jewellery - one-of-a-kind burlesque, pin-up, metal, steampunk and Gothic-inspired pieces. 
• Tempest FX - 
Specialising in the creepy, the fantasy and the cute. Come see her for all your jewellery and house decorating needs, plus a little bit of kink thrown on the side. 

• Liezel Beerman - Come share your love of occult with this dark artist. She has been know to draw some amazing tattoo art.
• Snow Sprit - Ever wanted to push a staple gun to a hot girls flesh? 
• Coby Zutt - 
 Grotesque artist who creates haunting illustrations that reflect his love for the strange and abnormal


Sat 24 Mar 18 to Sun 25 Mar 18

07:30pm Till 02:00am

None Auckland