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Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Starring Sera Tonin

Head into a secret lab for an experimental blend of life drawing and burlesque at Dr. Sketchy’s Weird Science! It’ll be a gas!

Blowing up the stage will be the truly dishy Sera Tonin. We’ll make observations of this mad professor as she experiments with poses and performances. She’s so hot she’s covered in warning labels. We know you’ll have a positive reaction.

Also in the lab, will be your hosts and sketchy chemists – Tawdry Trainwreck, Mythical Haze and Rosie Reckless. This toxic trio will examine your art samples, reward ridiculousness with prizes, and pre-test all the bar’s beverages for your safety.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or an artist to attend Dr. Sketchy’s. Conduct an analysis of your drawing methods and the effect of adding liquid refreshments. We hypothesise that you’ll have a fun time, no matter the results.

This night of strange science takes place at Space Academy. Whether you’re thirsty or hungry, this bar definitely has a solution.

We’ve probed our sponsors for great prizes. Pay them a visit and tell ‘em sketchy’s sent you. Absolution Pierce and Tattoo, Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, Gordon Harris Art Supplies, Gryymstone and Treacle Emporium and C1 Espresso.

Proper lab attire and/or weirdly unscientific getups are encouraged.

Bring your own art equipment.

Move your bunsen get a ticket before they argon!

Thu 21 Jun 18

07:30pm Till 10:00pm

None Christchurch