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Blue Smoke

Powerful forces have somehow aligned, and against all the odds, the Universe has provided us with one more session of....... Excellent Soul Therapy!

EST, as they were known, were a Christchurch band in the early to mid 90's. A core four piece of Sly Boy, Willy J, Kane and Brother C, created a huge, dynamic sound encompassing many genres including Reggae, Dub, Funk, Soul, Psych-rock, just to name a few.

Many later shows also included Pete and Conan on horns, both before and as they became part of the fast growing Salmonella Dub. Due to various reasons EST stopped playing in the latter 90's, but after a long hiatus have decided to get back together for one more fun and groovy show in their spiritual home of Christchurch.

On Saturday 3rd November 2018, they will light up the stage at Blue Smoke, well supported by DJ Skid Mark. So, you Awesome Tribe, if you remember them, and the fun you had back in the day, come down and reconnect, they'd all love to see you there! Peace and Love to you All!

Sat 03 Nov 18

08:00pm Till 11:45pm

None Christchurch