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Fo(Un)D and the Canterbury Zombie Experience presents

Humans: Will you survive the horde?

Zombies: How many humans can you convert?

Before the accident, the Luminaire Lab had been experimenting with some strange things. Most notably, our scientists were developing a secret substance called 'Symbiote-Z'. No one really knew what would happen if S-Z touched the human body... until someone dropped a vial.

That's when the outbreak started...

Welcome to the Christchurch City Zombie Run.
You can join either the humans or the zombies.

Humans: Your objective is to piece the cure together. Go to various points around the city to collect the supplies before time runs out. Don't get tagged by a zombie, or you will also start craving the flesh of the living.

Zombies: You only have one thing on your mind. You wish to feast on flesh, and you will do anything to get it.

Vehicles, including bicycles, are not allowed. Weapons of any sort (including paintball and airsoft guns) are also banned.

Prizes will be awarded to the first human to make it to the last checkpoint with all their supplies, and to the zombie who collects the most bands, which must be brought to the end point at the conclusion of the game.

Pizza tickets include a snack sized Hell Pizza, which can be collected from the Hell Pizza Caravan on the day of the event.

This years Zombie Run is bought to you by the Festival of the Undead. Go check out their Facebook page for all the weekends events.

Sun 28 Oct 18

02:00pm Till 05:00pm

None Canterbury