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Nocturne Sanctum in association with Black Cat Productions

Ellie May Marshall 

Michelle Kasey 

Snow , Stronix 

Eden , Nocturness 

Christa Ting, Chthonia 

Something wicked this way comes...
Full length, movement art-esque neo-burlesque, aerial platter cabaret of forbidden fruits.
"Burlesque" like you've never seen it before. 
Deep dark and silky smooth, our witches will show you a glimpse into a world of what "s.e.x magic" means to them.
Behold! Garden of LILITH!
Feminine power at its highest form. Beware, for if you enter, you are subject to our ritual. Those who cross our path will liberate from stationary conception.


Ellie May Marshall - Internationally acclaimed circus artist.

Michelle Kasey - Multi award winning pole artist.

Snow - Gracefully pushing boundaries in performance art.

Stronix - Circus theatre freak extraordinaire.

Eden - The art of tease.

Nocturness - Avant Garde Burlesque. 

Christa Ting - Aerial contortion.

Music excerpts by Chthonia 

Thursday 29th November 2018
At Phoenix Entertainment NZ, Auckland, New Zealand.

Thu 29 Nov 18

07:30pm Till 10:00pm

None Auckland