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Averted Vision

Purpleman & Jess Aspinwall / Reach / Matte

Averted Vision is proud to present Djrum's debut, and one off NZ show.

Since 2010, Djrum has been concocting a late-night melting pot of dubstep, garage, techno and dub, maintaining a gold label quality control throughout. 2016 has seen a three-part series of releases on 2nd Drop Records. In August 2018, he released his latest album 'Portrait With Firewood' on the legendary R&S Records, with Resident Advisor having this to say about it...

"Vocals and instruments aside, you can sense why Portrait With Firewood is Manuel's most personal record to date. The album's tracks chronicle much of his musical journey. Manuel goes in hard with broken-beat techno on "Sex," which then softens halfway through with the inclusion of piano, cello and vocals. This sets things up nicely for the following track, "V," whose blend of howling strings and syncopated synths marries euphoric elements with the skittering rhythms of his last R&S record, 2017's "Showreel Pt. 2." "Showreel Pt. 3" explores an entirely new sound for the artist. It gradually swells into a fast-paced, gabber-esque track before pivoting into jungle, showing both his abilities as a producer and his ever-growing range. Portrait With Firewood shows the growth of Manuel's musical abilities. It's also an earnest reflection of himself.


Fri 23 Nov 18 to Sat 24 Nov 18

10:00pm Till 03:00am