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Bassfreaks & Subtle Sound System Present



Bassfreaks & Subtle Sound System proudly present the Christchurch Launch Party for Outlook Festival 2017 

Bringing a taster of Croatia’s Outlook Festival which over the last 10 years has been a global beacon for Bass Music culture.

For more information on Outlook Festival go to:

As a DJ and producer whose natural passion for music in all its forms eventually spilled over into a full blown production habit, Skeptical has been responsible for some of the most damaging yet delicate tracks occupying the realms of current drum & bass.
Critically featured releases have been coming thick and fast on a range of the biggest labels in the genre. From the deadly Blue Eyes EP on the taste-driven label that is Ingredients Records, to a slew of impeccable releases on highly esteemed imprints such as Exit Records, Dispatch, Renegade Hardware, and with forthcoming releases due on Metalheadz, Soul:r, Commercial Suicide & Samurai, Skeptical has smashed it out for almost every dark drum & bass label worth its salt.
And of course as one third of the team behind ‘Marka’ – the undisputed drum & bass champion track of 2011, Skeptical has attained a legendary status amongst the ranks of D&B producers. ‘Marka’ was a tour de force of ominous, intensely atmospheric production that goes off on the dance floor.
Skeptical is a producer who can stimulate your cerebrum with his innovative bass structures and put an exit wound in your brain with destructive DJ sets that have made him a Renegade Hardware favourite. Only the biggest of things are to be expected from a producer who has only just begun to give the drum & bass public a tantalising idea of his musical mettle.

Alongside MC Conrad, MC D.R.S. has managed to successfully bring a human voice to the emotive drum'n'bass music of LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records empire, performing live at their performances and on some of the Progression Sessions albums. While other MCs struggle to merge rapping with the complex rhythms of drum'n'bass in the late '90s, the man otherwise known as Delroy Pottinger has already proven himself as one of the few MCs able to comfortably rap alongside some of the top drum'n'bass DJs in Britain. Like many of the other innovative drum'n'bass artists of the early to mid-'90s, he grew up as a teenager interested in breakdancing and the accompanying hip-hop culture characterized by artists such as Run-D.M.C. and Kurtis Blow. From there, it was a natural progression for Pottinger to begin rapping at the DJ parties. Soon, he was making demo tapes made with turntables, drum machines, and a microphone. By his late teens, he began attending local raves in Manchester and Liverpool before he eventually became the resident MC at Club Xtreme, where Pottinger first met Bukem and MC Conrad. It wasn't long before Conrad personally gave Pottinger a call, asking him to join the Good Looking camp. Since that moment when he became known as MC D.R.S., he has quickly become known as one of the top MCs in the drum'n'bass game, first appearing on Blame's Logical Progression, Vol. 2 and then in a more prominent role on that same DJ's contribution to the Progression Sessions album. Fast forward to 2017. DRS has collaborated with a vast number of the genre’s most prolific artists to create albums “I don’t usually like MC’s But…..” and "Mid Mic Crisis” both on Marcus Intalex’s own Soul:r imprint as well as a plethora of collaborations on other projects with labels such as Signature, Critical Music and Metalheadz to name a few.

Sat 06 May 17 to Sun 07 May 17

10:00pm Till 03:00am

None Christchurch