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Bassfreaks Presents


From 1996 and onwards to 1998 'Dispatch' formed a series of tracks from the Hidden Agenda brothers (3 in total) that appeared on Goldie's Metalheadz imprint. Then following the series came 'Dispatch' the record label (in 2001) with the first release (Dispatch no. 4) being from the Hidden Agenda brothers themselves under their solo 'Nos' & 'Max Fresh' titles with the tracks "New Day / Quiet Day". Since then (over many years) the label has gone on to release music from the likes of Stress Level & Ant TC1, AI, Total Science, Zero T, Survival, Chris.SU, Marcus Intalex, Cern, DLR & Break (and more) with remixes from the likes of Polar, XRS, Commix, Xtrah, Blocks & Escher, Mako, SCAR and Lenzman to name a few along with numerous various artist albums and standalone artist concept album projects (some of whom are aforementioned). The label is both owned and managed by Ant TC1. 

Sat 28 Oct 17 to Sun 29 Oct 17

10:00pm Till 03:00am

None Christchurch