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Dunedin Winter Solstice

Come and celebrate the longest night of the year with us, at the 23rd Dunedin Winter Solstice.

Zone 1: Dance / Bass music

Zone 2: Chill zone / live music (alternative, punk, hip-hop)

Tribal Zone: Bonfire and acoustic sounds

Coffee and food available for cash sales.

Sound equipment provided by Infinite Sound (Christchurch)

$25 early bird deal, and limited amounts of gate sales for $50.

R.O.A.R. No dogs. No glass or alcohol. Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Car parking is limited so we encourage you to carpool (visit our ridesharing Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/dwsrideshare/ )

--- UPDATE : Friday 22 June ---

The Dunedin Winter Solstice is a not-for-profit festival celebrating the coming together of folk from all over who enjoy dancing, laughing, playing and performing with one another. As a collective we strive to create an open, safe and nurturing environment that encourages all to feel a sense of participation and belonging. We come together to celebrate the light and joy of our shared experience on this darkest of nights.

Saturday is nearly here, and we can't wait to see you all this weekend. Before the event begins, here's some important information to cover:

Event Location:

Burnett Road, Glenpark 9481.There will be signs directing you from the intersection of SH85 and Craig Road. Only five minutes out of Palmerston, and under an hour from Dunedin.


We encourage all of you to carpool - fewer cars means more room to party. To sweeten the deal, if you bring a vehicle with four or more occupants, the driver will receive a coffee voucher. Check out our ridesharing group on Facebook if you're yet to sort transport or if you can fit some new friends in - https://www.facebook.com/groups/dwsrideshare/


Gates will be open from 2pm Saturday 23rd June, with the first performer of the day starting at 3pm.The event finishes at 2pm Sunday.

If you're planning on inviting a few more friends, our online tickets are still on sale until 11:59PM Friday 22nd June, $30 from https://cosmicticketing.co.nz/event/show/5486

Missed out? There will be tickets available at the gate for $50, first come first served.

Please have your ticket ready before arriving, so we can speed up entry a bit.

Safety / Ground Rules:
Winter Solstice always aims to leave a site in a better state than when we found it. That means respect for all the flora and fauna and not leaving anything behind (take only photographs, leave only footprints, DON'T LITTER!!!). 

No dogs!

No glass or alcohol.

Plan ahead for how you get to and leave from the party. Sober and slow. 

Dress sensibly. We celebrate the longest night of the year and it will get very cold, wool and warm are the order of the day, it’s hard to relax and have fun when you are hypothermic.

Sturdy footwear is a must. Gumboots or other boots and at least one spare pair of warm socks are recommended, or plastic bag your feet if it is wet.

Plan out what you're bringing. There will be water and food available onsite, but your own water bottle that you can refill, and some snacks to keep your energy high never goes amiss. A torch is handy. And if you are camping make sure you have adequate warmth and cover from moisture.

Be kind to everyone: it makes for a much better vibe.

When you are feeling frisky make sure the object of your affections feels the same way too. Remember consent is crucial and when someone is intoxicated they can not give it. If you are confused or unsure about consent here is a simple video to clear things up for you.

Look out for each other - keep an eye on your friends and would be friends too. We are all part of the solstice family, if you see someone in need, cold, wasted or lost and confused look out for them also, and don't be afraid to flag down help.

Consume responsibly. Easy does it, you can’t un-intoxicate (un-take a thing) so if there's any second thoughts or red flags, then be strong in saying no.

Dance Floor Etiquette:

The dance floor is a safe place for everyone to express themselves. This means respecting everybody's personal space. When wishing to show your affection towards others it is essential to have coherent/sober permission from them to do so. This does not mean touching others and assuming its ok when they don’t object.

Wait for the person to accept your invitation into their personal bubble, nobody likes a greasy, sleazy personal space invader on the d-floor.

If you are witness to someone being harassed on the dance floor, don't just be a bystander. Let that person know that it is not ok and that they should leave the other person to dance. If it becomes a issue, make Dunedin Winter Solstice crew members aware.

We all want to enjoy ourselves and get lost in the dance so respect other peoples right to do so and we can all enjoy the festival in our own way.

Safety is paramount at Winter Solstice, when everyone is safe we can all have a good time. This means we have people trained in both medical and psychedelic first aid on site and available for the whole party in case something does go wrong but with a little forethought and some love most problems can be avoided.


Can I stay? This is an overnight event. There will be camping space in the parking area.

What should I bring? Warmth, water, torch, cash if you want to buy stuff such as coffee (no atms onsite)

Is there an age limit? No age limit however we ask that anyone coming to Solstice under the age of 16 should  be with a parent or guardian.

Can I bring Kids? Children are welcome at Winter Solstice as this is an event for the whole community, but remember the weather conditions can get (and stay!) cold. With this in mind we encourage safety first, and acknowledge that you will be responsible for them for the whole party.  

Dogs? Absolutely no dogs allowed on site. This includes the carpark too.

Alcohol? This is a non-alcohol event, no alcohol no glass.

See You At Solstice!

Sat 23 Jun 18 to Sun 24 Jun 18

02:00pm Till 02:00pm

None Palmerston

All Ages