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Third Eye Music Ltd

Stripsearch are a Wellington based rock band that that perform an entire set of songs as a tribute to American hard rock band FAITH NO MORE.

FNM have wide appeal, from the gritty heaviness of Cuckoo for Caka to the smooth, funkiness of Evidence.If you were a teenager any time since the mid-1990s you will know who FAITH NO MORE are, with classic songs such as; Epic, Evidence, From out of Nowhere, Ashes to Ashes, Mid Life Crisis, A Small Victory and many, many more.

StripSearch also may be well known to their peers in the Hutt Valley, having performed in recent times as the cover band Lounge Act.

During Lounge Act gigs the group came to the conclusion that they were more 'connected with the music' when performing FNM songs and unanimously agreed that was the direction they would move in. It was a great decision.

Over the last 12 months the band have dedicated many evenings of practice and personal critique to produce a dynamic set of songs faithful to the original and as a tribute to their favourite band.

With an unequivocal focus on being the best they can, the boys have refined and expanded their set to include more than 26 FNM musical masterpieces. The resulting rock anthology will be an exciting journey and experience of the best of FAITH NO MORE.

You will not want to miss a StripSearch the Faith No More Experience gig, it will be Epic.

Sat 08 Dec 2018 to Sun 09 Dec 2018

08:00pm Till 01:00am