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Aotearoa Bass Collective

Paige Julia (WLG)
LÜdic (CHC)
RUINZ b2b ELLA MENTAL ft. KHANUKA - (Totoru Crew)

🌏Aotearoa Bass Collective Presents  SYNAPSE 2019

Paige Julia (WLG)
LÜdic (CHC)
RUINZ b2b ELLA MENTAL ft. KHANUKA - (Totoru Crew)

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Half Time/Bass Music/Leftfield Bass/Dubstep/Drum & Bass/Breakbeat/Techno

Find her music on Samsara Beats (US) Totally Roasted Digital (NZ) Forest Biz (UK)

Paige Julia is not great at coming up with names for things, so she used her own actual name after wrestling with a few really cheesy names when she started DJing in 2012. A chance conversation with a DJ she admired revealed to her that producing music was the obvious way forward & off she went into the lab. Taking influences from drum & bass, techno, hip hop & a gloomy outlook on the current global situation: Her first EP, Mechanisms, was released on Totally Roasted (NZ) in November of 2016 featuring 6 cuts of bass forward late night music she still hasn’t played to her parents. Following an influx of positive response & a move to Melbourne Australia, Paige Julia pressed on to write music for Exiled Audio (UK) with a track called “New year new me”. This got the attention of another UK dance label and so her second EP, “Prestige in an Honorless Society” was released in August 2018 on Forest Biz (UK), plus an inclusion of her track “Empha” into one of their compilations.

Paige Julia’s DJ sets are based around her original productions, pulling from half time, dubstep, breakbeat and whatever subgenre Noisia happen to be championing at the time to create a warm & friendly dance floor full of energy, up until she decides it’s time to ruin everything & play DMT Usher. Her history of DJing extended sets (she prefers it that way) has gifted her a knack for crafting a journey through sound, taking notes from the leaders of the house & techno community in patience, timing & mass mind control. Witness Paige Julia with the keys to a sound system & you’ll probably enjoy yourself if you like your music brooding, heady & bassy!




♬ LÜdic -


Organic & Activated, Cold Pressed and Spasticated. Ludics a Genre Fluid, Psybreak Druid.. With the release of his Debut EP Album in 2018 titled "Tinglings" through The Next Levelists & Also a fresh album release May 2019 "Catachasmic Shrinescape" both avaliable for purchase  on bandcamp.

Liquid Soundwaves
Flow out the window
Of a bus
Made out of drum kits.
Fueled by love,
On an adventure
To outer-time.




♬ RUINZ b2b ELLA MENTAL ft. KHANUKA (Totoru Crew) -

3 Wahine of the Long White Cloud, trail the land jamming & singing aloud.


Draws on a range of dubby wubs, heavy drops, & skeezy basslines to outline the epic journey of loss, salvation, & transformation that our species is currently experiencing ♥ come get lifted!






U-Bar is a licensed premises. R18 event, so bring your ID. Alcholic & non-alcoholic drinks available. Food selection. Free water & transport arrangements available.

Licensed Security on premise.

Coming soon $17+bf Tickets Online at Cosmic Ticketing & in-store at COSMIC

$20 Door Sales

Fri 23 Aug 19 to Sat 24 Aug 19

09:00pm Till 03:00am

U Bar, 640 Cumberland Street, Dunedin