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Dr.Sketchy's Anti Art School Chch

Starring Sapphire Matizze

Dr. Sketchy’s is a life drawing class like no other. Expect a night of drinking and drawing, faun and games.

For this sketchy session, we’re going to venture deep into the wardrobe and emerge from the closet, proudly covered in glitter and sparkle magic. For this night, show business is Narnia Business!

Our mane attraction is none other than Sapphire Matizze. This queen of charm is set to cast a spell over you with her formidable sorcery. Draw her as she poses, still as stone and lion around. And then watch in awe as she captivates you with her mesmerising performances.

Tawdry Trainwreck, Mythical Haze and Rosie Reckless are your sketchy hosts. You won't read about these characters in the g-rated story.

As our audience, you’ll be our drawers the explorers! Costumes are encouraged so delve deep into your wardrobe and free your fantasies!

Don't be cowardly. All artistic abilities are welcome. Stick with stick figures, or magic up a masterpiece.

Thank you to our fabulous venue hosts. XCHC has sponsored the venue because they believe space should be free for creative events. If you agree, show your support, become a member, join the movement.

🔗 patreon.com/exchange

🔗 xchc.co.nz/support

Our sponsors are Brrrrr-illiant! Check out Absolution Pierce and Tattoo, Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, Gordon Harris Art Supplies, Gryymstone and Treacle Emporium and C1 Espresso.

If you miss out on a ticket it will be a real thaw point! Available from Cosmic stores, or head online to www.cosmicticketing.co.nz.

First pose at 7.30pm at Exchange Christchurch - XCHC, 376 Wilsons Road North. Doors from 7pm.

R18. No photography.

Fri 20 Sep 2019

07:15pm Till 10:00pm

XCHC, 376 Wilsons Rd, Waltham, Christchurch