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Landmine Records and Tombstone Entertainment

Witchcult + From Moose Mountain

Behold the unleashing of Borer's first full length debut album...

'Bag Seeker'!

Saturday, May 11th, Christchurch - Churchill’s Tavern
Feat. Witchcult // From Moose Mountain

Doors open 8pm,

Merch and EFTPOS available.

Released May 10th, Bag Seeker will take you on a journey through harsh and caustic soundscapes, unique to their Doom Sludge style, you can hear the worshipping tones of Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, and the like,

"The resin-coated grooves of the hulking album deliver five tracks, most of which pass the ten-minute-mark, dragging the listener on a harrowing, bongwater and lukewarm beer bender which culminates in the twenty-one-minute epic “Lord Of The Hanged.”

Sat 11 May 2024

08:00pm Till 11:55pm

Churchills, 441 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Club Tavern, 441 Colombo Street Christchurch