If you have lost, deleted or just can't find your e-tickets and need them to be re-emailed to you, please enter in the email address and phone number you purchased your tickets with, and we will resend you a copy of all your tickets to upcoming events you have purchased tickets for.

If you are still not receiving your tickets to your inbox please do the following before requesting another resend, it is essential you do this step or you will not receive your tickets. Google "Add to Safe Senders List" and your email provider name if you are unsure how to do this:

  • Add tickets@cosmicticketing.co.nz to your "Safe Senders List", then submit a re-email request.
  • Please make sure you check all your spam folders, including your computer based spam folder and your online one, as the tickets can end up in both of these places.

Finally if you are still having problems please email us at tickets@cosmicnz.co.nz, we will endeavour to help you out as soon as possible.

Please note - this does not work with tickets bought instore, only tickets purchased online.

Have an Android Phone? Try the Cosmic Ticketing App. No more lost tickets, online or instore* tickets are sent directly to your phone.

Just authenticate your phone from the app via a link sent to your email then never lose a ticket again with "My Tickets" in the app.

IPhone "My Tickets" app is coming soon.

*As long as you have provided the staff with your email when purchasing a ticket over the counter.