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Synchronicity Events

Kia ora whanau and welcome to Synchronicity 2024!
This year we will be gathering in the valley amongst the idyllic mountain ranges for two nights of diverse music, art, movement, workshops, shared kai, community and social well being.
Our intention is not to host the biggest or rowdiest event, but to really fine tune and pour intention into the quality of the experience we can provide for you the ticket holders!
No Synchronicity is ever exactly the same as its predecessor and we are continuing to move forward with growth to create sustainable, healthier and evolutionary social norms within the underground communities of Aotearoa.
We have orchestrated an absolutely stacked line up of artists ranging from producers who have been spear heading the industry for decades right through to grass roots up and coming DJs and live bands. The quality of sound provided is of the utmost importance to us as we understand the impact that quality sound has on everyone in attendance. Some of the best rigs and sound techs will be at the helm guiding us through this intrepid journey.
Music includes but not limited to:
Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Hip Hop, Techno, Psy Trance, House, Grime, Garage, Reggae, live bands and sound journeys.
Synchronicity will be hosting some of Aotearoa´s most prolific artists, lighting and visual effects teams that will be bringing to life our custom stage build as well as turning the site into an immersive glowing metropolis after dark!
Breaking down the journey from the dance floor to campsite while also providing both interactive and low stimulus environments is another focal point at Synchronicity.
We will be providing alternative spaces such as:
–Chill zone
A low stimulus area that is filled with cosy furniture and the opportunity to have a warm cuppa or a relax away from the dance floor.
–Circus zone.
Hosted by an epic team of fire, flow & circus performers who are all eager to entertain and share their skills with you.
–Interactive zone. Stacked with games, puzzles and physical challenges.
–Whanau camp ground.
This area is a sectioned off space designated for parents, kids and elders only. There will be a communal marquee with comfortable seating, activities for kids as well as its own water supply, toilets and camp space away from noise. This area will have its own security guard and care workers.
This year we have added the cost of a meal into all tickets.
Waharoa Catering will be presenting a banquet feast at 12pm Saturday on the main stage dance floor.
We invite you all to collect your kai and take a seat on the dance floor to eat with your friends/family and enjoy the sound journey communal dining experience.
(BYO CUTLERY, veg/vegan/gluten free options available)
The sound system will be shut off from 1.00pm – 06.00pm Saturday evening. During this time, workshops, food vendors, markets, and harm reduction crews will still be operational.
The intention of this lunch break is to encourage everyone to eat, hydrate, rest, engage in one of the workshops and regroup before the second night of music & dance.
We ask that each of you bring something to upgrade the general atmosphere of the event.
if you have skills, resources, props, talents, stories, knowledge or creature comforts then we encourage you to share them at Synchronicity!
The Sunday sesh is always a highlight at Sync. The music will be winding down and finishing on Sunday the 27th at 3pm.
This gives everyone enough day light to clean up, pack up their camp sites and drive home. Monday is a public holiday so you have an entire day to rest before returning to every day life.

-GATES OPEN (Oct 25th 4pm)
-This is a private event, it is up to you to invite who you want to share this experience with.
-Location is an hour and a half south west from Christchurch.
-Only ticket holders will receive the location.
-No refunds, if you can no longer make it, to avoid ticket scamming / scalping you need to change ticket name upon re sale.
-The roads leading up to site are all gravel, there is also loose live stock so please drive carefully!
-There is plenty of on site camping space for everyone.

Our security team will be enforcing a total liquor ban! If you are seen carrying alcohol it will be removed from you and discarded. Intoxication is a health and safety risk and we often have parents, children and elders on site. It is down to you to conduct yourselves in a safe and responsible manor.
In previous years alcohol containers have been the largest portion of waste left behind we aim to reduce waste by eliminating the root causes.
This is our last year of observation on alcohol consumption. If there is not another vast improvement, we will be implementing vehicle searches on entry at future Synchronicity Events.
(We would rather not intrude on your space so please respect our rules!)

We will have security working around the clock as well as first aid and Psy Care.
Each team covers a different aspect of health and safety but they operate as one co operative unit and will be scouting the event in hi vis vests.
Our health and safety teams are friendly and approachable so if you see someone in need of attention please say something to one of our safety crew.

Everything that you bring with you to this event is to leave with you!
WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING RUBBISH BINS ANY MORE! It is time to take self accountability for your waste. If the venue is left with excessive amounts of rubbish we will be rethinking the ways in which people have access to this event.
We successfully halved our rubbish waste last year, we are aiming to move closer to no rubbish this year.
You will be given a rubbish bag on entry, all attendees are expected to keep your campsite clean through out the event.
Volunteers will be initiating regular clean ups, if you see someone picking up rubbish, lend them a hand.

Its important to remember we are all temporary guests on this beautiful piece of land and we can only continue to occupy it if we keep it clean green and pristine.

Yes this is an R18 event and anyone under 18 can not purchase a ticket. However, We do offer the opportunity for parents to bring along your children under the pretence that they are supervised at all times and you park/camp in the whanau campsite.
Kids 12 and under have free entry. We are aiming to provide safe space for the families within the underground community to still be able to get out of the house and have group social experiences.
The family area has its own communal marquee, kids activities, toilets, drinking water, security and health care team.
The whanau camping is down the far end of the site where it is quiet.
Kids must wear ear protection when in close proximity to the sound system.
-Look out for each other and have fun!
This years event has been an absolute labor of love so far and has been meticulously designed to be a truly spectacular experience.
Thank you to all the crews helping create the space and those of you who have purchase tickets.

Fri 25 Oct 2024 to Sun 27 Oct 2024

04:00pm Till 03:00pm

TBA, TBA, Methven