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Heavenly Creatures Productions in association with XXY Creative Network and Rollercoaster Events presents

With the musical talents of Felix Murcielago, Patsy Skeet, Not Lauren and Efriend. MC'd by Monty Montgomery. Featuring performance art by Kiki Kisses, Hells Bells, Janet Wang, The Prince & Yeehaw Jelly + work by various artists of other mediums.

Stimulate Chapter One will be a delightful experience for anyone lucky to get their hands on a ticket. Step into a chaotic wonderland designed to immerse you completely in many different art forms with a strong focus on performance art. We're celebrating how talented some of us kiwi's are, particularly some up and coming artists who deserve some spotlight. Stimulate will be a show X a party X an exhibition and it'll surely be a night not to be missed!

Sat 03 Sep 2022 to Sun 04 Sep 2022

09:00pm Till 12:15am

The Ever Room, Karangahape Rd, Grafton, Auckland