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Organik Audio and Noise Zealand

Soulware (live)



and Guests

Soulware is bringing their live show to Dunedin for the first time in over 5 years. This event marks the release of Soulwares new album " All That Binds Us " .

E koekoe te tūī, e ketekete te kākā, e kūkū te kererū �- The tūī sings, the kākā chatters, the pigeon coos.

This whakataukī describes the diversity of our society. The very diversity that create Te Ao Mārama. Just like the birds of the forest, as people, our similarities and differences; our beliefs, our voices, shape the world we live in. Simultaneously, there is dissonance and there is harmony and an open mind and heart appreciates the intricacies of human relationships; with one another, and with the whenua. Beats to rhythms, words to melodies, sound to space,
Soulware captures All that binds us. It’s not all airy fairy though, life gets in the way... It’s taken some time to bring this collection of people and songs together but we bound it in the end. Tihei Mauri Ora!

Local support from Junglefari, Eros and Guests

$10 Early Tickets - $15 GA Tickets - $20 Door
Tickets and more info coming soon

Soulware, Judicious bass beats, dexterous vocals and a dose of live instruments collide to give the Soulware sound. Elements of Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Dub Electonica, Trip Hop, Jazz/Soul and Rock that will submerge the listener into a depth of sonic sound scape and rhythm to move your body and soul.

A multi piece, shape shifting, open format music collective from Aotearoa, featuring Harry Bretherton (Ism / Organikismness), Saelyn Guyton, Donelle Manihera, Nick Garraway, Jono Leask, Winston Campbell, Davie Walter (Toas / Bad boy dubby), Eochai Iiahcoe, Charlie Brown and more.
Soulware’s first album “ Return to the Source “ Was released on Optimus Gryme recordings in 2011. Since then Soulware (the live band and the Dj /sound system) have toured extensively throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Sat 19 May 18 to Sun 20 May 18

10:00pm Till 02:00am

None Dunedin