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Rikki Arkitech [UK]

Solidstate, Katalyst

Orphic, Firefly

Rikki Arkitech, of no fixed abode, has been inflicting his brand of high energy rave music since 2005. Under the wing of Hardcore legend and innovator Sharkey, Rikki studied the craft from the master and soon became the in-house engineer for Kaotik Records, a part of the Nu Energy Collective. Regularly featuring on the Bonkers and Hardcore Heaven compilation mixes it wasn’t long before he was playing at the scene’s biggest events and spreading the sound internationally.

From uplifting vocal numbers to dark and dirty belters, Rikki has always had an eclectic approach to hardcore, staying true to the original ethos of Freeform, that is music without boundaries.

He fronts the A-Tech Music record label and launched the parties; I Love Hard Beats and LDN Freeform, as part of a drive to keep the scene alive in his hometown of London. Now, armed with a laptop, CD wallet and a pair of headphones he has taken to the road to re-explore the world of Hardcore.

Fri 21 Dec 18 to Sat 22 Dec 18

08:00pm Till 03:00am