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M*A*S*S*I*V*E Presents

Dance Zone | Chill Zone
Charles Would
Shankara (Live)
Like Minds
Invader Tron
Mike T
Boyd* & TwEQ
Mikkie Pixton
Maat & Luna
Deep South Audio
Mat Hoods
Peninsula (Live)
Wild Do Ó

It has been a welcome break, enabling the crew to catch our collective breath, and helping to refocus on what we want to do next. As a result this party will be a little different to our usual offering. Autumn Equinox will feature two zones - Dance & Chill - and capacity will be limited to 400 tickets.

Once again we invite you to venture out of the city to enjoy a night dancing under the stars, followed by a boogie in the sun (hear that weather!)

Massive parties welcome people of all ages. Please try and make this a positive outdoor festival experience for all of you fellow party goers!
Please respect this and DO NOT BRING:
Glass / Dogs / Negative Vibes.

An interesting little write-up on PLUR:

>> The Dance Zone

17:00    Mat Hoods
18:30    Illiterate
20:00    Deep South Audio
21:30    Neednobody
23:00    Charles Would
00:30    Pino
02:00    Mike T
03:30    Like Minds
05:30    Maat & Luna
07:00    Tama
08:30    Ry-Ra
10:00    Hauswerk
12:00    Wild Do Ó
13:30    Finish

>> The Chill Zone

19:00    Cubeboxrad
20:00    Boyd* & TwEQ
22:00    Tansy
23:00    Mikkie Pixton
00:00    Shankara (Live)
01:30    Peninsula (Live)
03:00    Invader Tron
04:30    Irrespaceable

Sat 25 Mar 17 to Sun 26 Mar 17

03:00pm Till 02:30pm


All Ages