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Subtle Sound System


There are few artists in the dubstep sound who can truly be credited with driving the genre forward - while paying homage to the rich heritage of music built on 140bpm. 

Vivek Sharda, you'll likely know him under the V.I.V.E.K alias, is one such artist. He comfortably stands within this small group of dubstep tastemakers and influencers. 

Much like the sound he is known for, V.I.V.E.K has a rich and varied background - gained from combining his own Indian roots with early experience gained while producing both DnB and dub at the turn of the millennium. 

Announcing his dubstep efforts with a 2007 debut via On The Edge; the producer has subsequently built and released anthem after anthem on some of the most respected imprints in the dubstep genre - DEEP MEDi, Tectonic and most recently via SYSTEM MUSIC, his own imprint. 

Each release, whatever the label, catalogues V.I.V.E.K's ability to combine his musical influences to form sounds characterised by sharp midranges, light snares and heavy low-end rumbles. Not to mention some truly beautiful melodic presence.

In addition to his music, the London-based producer is also a well respected event promoter, mixing his love of dub and dubstep with a custom-built sound system and a clear effort to champion both pure sound and extraordinary bass weight. In a time where 100% dubstep line ups are disappearing, both in and outside of the UK, and the term ‘dubstep’ is still associated with the commercial noise, SYSTEM has stepped up to become the event for fans of the original dubstep sound.

Today, the SYSTEM events and SYSTEM MUSIC are two of the most instantly recognisable brands in bass music. These are just two powerful examples - and there are many more - of just how much of an impact V.I.V.E.K has made on 140bpm music since his debut release. He's a truly inspirational dubstep figurehead who's done more in seven short years than some producers manage in their entire careers.


Sat 02 Dec 17 to Sun 03 Dec 17

09:00pm Till 03:00am

None Christchurch